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1- The company aims to move stagnant water (money that individuals and companies have become debts that are not suitable for their collection).
2- Raise the burden of dealing with clients with law firms inside and outside Egypt.
3- The commercial activities carried out by the company are activities like the rest of the companies represented in honesty and professionalism.
4- The company’s goal is to reach all parts of the world with its services.
5- Achieving financial security and credit coverage for all individuals and companies that work with us as customers

1- Setting an appointment with the company to discuss the matter first.
2- Submit a photocopy of the documents indicating the debts of the company for review.
3- Providing proof of the validity of these debts.
4- Drafting an agreement contract between the company regarding the type of work and the value of the financial compensation for them.

No, We are a company that collects the value of debts provided inside and outside the Egyptian state, and we also work in the field of trade, but if we need a specialized law firm to require a debt ..we will of course resort to it for these contracts.

No ,We are the ones who will contract with the law firm or the law firm to enforce contracts without being responsible for the client or dealing.

Yes, we are a company that can have branches all over the world as indicated in the company’s establishment contract and its summary issued by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones in Egypt.

Yes, we provide services to Egyptians and foreigners.

Yes, dealing with us is guaranteed, as we are a licensed company from the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones

Yes, we have a specialized team of work and we have partnerships with individual companies that support us at home and abroad.

The multiplicity of the financial pricing that we work with according to each topic separately.

At the moment we do not have branches outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, but we have clients in some countries.

Through the company’s website or all social media.

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