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Terms and Conditions

A- Devolution of ownership:

The terms and conditions stipulated for E-LAF Trading and Collection Services are subject to a website and a future application that works on iOS _ Android for mobile phones and others.

B – The rights and obligations of the users of the site, including natural individuals, legal persons and others (user or users):

The terms and conditions may be modified by E-LAF Trading and Collection Services at any time. Amendments to them to ensure their compliance with the updated terms and conditions.

C – Agreeing to the terms and conditions:

Accept the terms and conditions:

The user is supposed to register on the site so that he has enough opportunity to read the terms and conditions carefully and carefully, with the possibility of consulting a private legal advisor when needed.

Any modification, update, or addition to the functions or content of the site is automatically subject to E-LAF for Trade and Collection Services, and the user must (and is advised to) not to register or withdraw from the site in case of objection.

Accordingly, the terms and conditions, in addition to the privacy policy and the disclaimer, are considered an agreement between the user and E-LAF Trading and Collection Services for the use of the site with all the materials it contains.

The relationship between E-LAF Trading and Collection Services and the user is not in any way the relationship of a lawyer to his client (client), and the use of the site does not entail any transactions between the user and the company or any obligations or responsibilities.

The company’s lawyer: –

The company may share separate law firms as natural persons, companies or legal institutions.

And the user should know that E-LAF Company for Trade and Collection Services is not a law firm and the lawyers present in it are the company’s lawyers or contracted with it to serve it only.

Register on the site:-

The user must register on the site by entering his personal data, which includes, but is not limited to, his name, phone number, e-mail and the country in which he is acquired.

After creating a user account:

The user is fully responsible for maintaining the user’s name and password that he chooses, and thus he bears responsibility for any activities that are practiced using his name and password.

In the event that the user account is used illegally by any third party, the user must notify (the site administration and E-LAF Trading and Collection Services) in writing immediately, and in this case (the illegal use of the user account by any third party) will not be (administration of The site and E-LAF Trading and Collection Services) are responsible for any action taken by this third party that affects the user’s account, including but not limited to obtaining, deleting or modifying any public or personal files or data contained on or related to the user’s account or Other .

The user’s registration on the site is considered his consent to subscribe to newsletters, marketing and promotional materials and any other materials that may be sent by (the site administration or E-LAF Trading and Collection Services) from time to time via mobile phone, e-mail or any other means. Other communication However, the user may opt out of receiving such promotional materials by sending an e-mail to the site administration.

Prices and Payments: –

The user should know that the consulting services on the site may be provided free of charge for periods or for special offers in whole or in part, but they are in general services for a fee, at clearly and specified prices, in addition to the value of general taxes, value added taxes, differences in collection and transfer fees, and This is done with a specific price schedule to ensure clarity and transparency for users, and these prices may change later and without the user’s permission.

payment methods :-

Payment is made via a cognitive credit card or a knowledge debit card or any type of electronic payment, and in this regard, the credit card or debit card must be effective, secure and owned by the user to complete the payment process.

Limitation of Responsibility:

1- (the site administration or E-LAF company for trading and collection services) or its directors, employees, partners, agents, representatives or others does not bear any responsibility or liability resulting from or related to the use or non-use of the site.

Prohibitions for users:-

– It is prohibited for the user or others to record consultations or materials provided by audio, visual or visual only, as they are owned by (E-LAF Company for Trade and Collection Services).

The user is also prohibited from using any system, device or program, whether manual or automatic, that may tamper or violate the privacy or security of the site, including any viruses, Trojan horses, malicious software, or any harmful materials whose purpose is to disrupt, damage or limit the operation of the site currently or in the future.

The user is prohibited from using any technologies that may add or add any files on the company’s website or replace its trademark.

Site control.

The site administration and E-LAF Trading and Collection Services have the full right to control the use of one or all of the users of the site for the provisions of the site and protect them from any decision that may arise as a result of this use, and accordingly it is the right of (the site management or E-LAF company for trade and collection services).

1- Reducing or limiting the availability of consulting materials to any of the users of the site without prior notice.

2- Preventing any of the users from accessing their user account without any prior notification.

3- Notifying the relevant government authorities in the event of any violation or breach by users, especially if this violation constitutes a criminal offense under the Egyptian Penal Code regulations or systems of information security crimes or the anti-money laundering system or other laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt .

4- The company has the right to claim compensation for any users’ misuse of his user account for the material and moral damages that may arise as a result of the actions or omissions of such actions by this user. immediately without the need for prior notice.

Termination by the user:

Any of the users may terminate the services provided, whether advisory or other services, provided by the site by deleting his user account with notifying the company in writing with the approval of the user to give the right to the site and the company and without the need for notification or prior approval to store or Avoid data of any of the users for the duration of their registration on the site for archival purposes 0

Intellectual property: –

E-LAF Trading and Collection Services Company owns all rights and interests related to the site now and in the future, and it also owns all intellectual property rights in that, including but not limited to logos, audio, audio and image consultations, copyrights, trademarks, and others.

Links to other websites: –

The site may contain links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by the site or the company. Therefore, the company does not bear any responsibility related to these sites, their content, materials or services provided. Accordingly, E-LAF advises its users to read the terms and conditions of all other sites carefully and carefully before use. or registration.

The user also acknowledges that (the administration of the site or the E-LAF company) was not responsible or obligated, directly or indirectly, for any claims, obligations, losses or damages that may arise from the user’s use of these other sites, their contents or the service provided therein.

Comments and notes:-

If any of the users of E-LAF(website) submits any comment or note, E-LAF(website) will deal with it as confidential and the company considers it (notes and suggestions) as a right owned by it that may not be viewed.

Segmentation: –

If any of the terms and conditions are ruled illegal, invalid or unenforceable in accordance with the laws or any court of jurisdiction, that ruling shall be ineffective for that court only without affecting the legality, validity or enforceability of the rest of the terms and conditions in all courts of jurisdiction or that ruling in other courts of jurisdiction.

Applicable Law and Competent Courts:

The terms and conditions and any matters related to or that may arise in connection with them are subject to the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt and from the jurisdiction of the Egyptian courts without regard to any rules related to conflict of laws.

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