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Liquid rocket propulsion systems containing any of the systems or components, specified by 1-9.A.6. For the purpose of 1-9.A.4.e.3., ‘attitude and orbit control’ includes sensing and actuation to determine and control the position and orientation of a “spacecraft”. ‘Abnormal changes in aircraft state’ include in-flight structural damage, loss of engine thrust, disabled control surface, or destabilizing shifts in cargo load. “Technology” according to the General Technology Note for the “production” of equipment specified by 1-7.A.

1-6.A.2.f. Does not apply to ‘read-out integrated circuits’ specially designed for civil automotive applications. ‘Read-out integrated circuits’ (‘ROIC’) specially designed for “focal plane arrays” specified by 1-6.A.2.a.3. The status of components, test and “production” equipment and “software” therefor which are specially designed for telecommunications equipment or systems is determined in Category 5 – Part 1. Although initially considered “political suicide,” the program is now considered successful overall by experts, media and the general public .

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Increases motorists’ choice if untolled roads are also available or if pricing improves travel alternatives. Road Pricing that funds additional highway capacity can increase total automobile travel , and so may increase downstream traffic congestion, parking costs, crashes, pollution, and sprawl. Expanding highway size and traffic volumes tends to reduce the livability of communities that it cuts through. Ragazzi argues that highway privatization can result in atc coin rate fragmented planning and inefficient pricing. Pricing roads that would otherwise be free can shift vehicle travel to unpriced routes, alternative modes and closer destinations, and reduce vehicle trip frequency. Road Pricing is usually implemented by public or private highway agencies or local authorities as part of transportation project funding packages, for transportation demand management, or through privatization of highway construction and operations.

Converting Flat Tolls to Congestion Pricing (

“Spacecraft” specially designed or modified for military use, and “spacecraft” components specially designed for military use. Does not apply to ordinary propulsive shaft and hydrodynamic control-rod hull penetrators. Direct measurement wall skin friction transducers specially designed to operate at a test flow total temperature exceeding 833 K (560° C). “Space-qualified” “focal plane arrays” having more than 2,048 elements per array and having a peak response in the wavelength range exceeding 300 nm but not exceeding 900 nm. For diver detection systems specially designed or modified for military use, see Munitions List.

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“Software” specially designed or modified to enable equipment to perform the functions of equipment specified by 1-1.A.4.c. For the purpose of 1-1.A.6.b., ‘disruptors’ are devices specially designed for the purpose of preventing the operation of an explosive device by projecting a liquid, solid or frangible projectile. 1-1.A.4.d. Does not apply to equipment specially designed for laboratory use.

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Revenue-neutral credits used to ration peak-period roadway capacity. Prorates premiums by mileage so vehicle insurance becomes a variable cost. A high-occupant-vehicle lane that accommodates a limited number of lower-occupant vehicles for a fee. See each listing for more details. Click here to see more no cash value with free shipping included. Etsy is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser in order to ensure that user data remains secure.

International or equivalent national standards will be used in sampling and determining particle size. For the purposes of 2-8., excluding 2-8.c.11 or 2-8.c.12., ‘mixture’ refers to a composition of two or more substances with at least one substance being listed in the 2 -8. Sub-items.

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Peak-hour traffic volumes average 11,000 to 12,000 vehicles. Surveys indicate a high level of user satisfaction. Several studies have investigated the sensitivity of vehicle travel to road tolls . These indicate a price elasticity of –0.1 to –0.4 for urban highways (i.e., a 10% increase in toll rates reduces vehicle use by 1-4%), although this can vary depending on the type of toll, type of traveler and other factors .

Category 5 – Part 2: “Information Security”

Table 2 summarizes these different categories of road pricing and their objectives. Some provide revenues, some reduce peak-period congestion, some reduce total traffic impacts (congestion, pollution, accident risks, road and parking facility costs, etc.), and some help achieve a combination of objectives. Distance-Based Chargessuch as mileage fees can be used to fund roadways or reduce traffic impacts, including congestion, pollution and accident risk. Pay-As-You-Drive Vehicle Insurance, prorates premiums by mileage so vehicle insurance becomes a variable cost, which gives motorists an incentive to reduce traffic impacts, but provides no additional revenue.

  • Even lower-income motorists are sometimes willing to pay for time savings, indicating that pricing strategies that prioritize trips can provide a transportation choice that is valued by motorists of all income levels.
  • Are those containing “explosives” listed in the Annex to Category 1 and mixtures thereof .
  • Equipment specially designed for the “production” of equipment specified by 1-7.A.
  • Does not apply to equipment specially designed for laboratory use.
  • GPS and outdoor navigation sensors guide your outings off the beaten path.

For operating systems, see also 1-5.D.2.a.1. And 1-5.D.2.c.1. 1-5.B.1.a.

9.D. Software

A ‘frequency mask trigger’ is a mechanism where the trigger function is able to select a frequency range to be triggered on as a subset of the acquisition bandwidth while ignoring other signals that may also be present within the same acquisition bandwidth. A ‘frequency mask trigger’ may contain more than one independent set of limits. ‘Continuous throughput’ is the fastest data rate the instrument can record to disk or solid-state drive memory without the loss of any information while sustaining the input digital data rate or digitizer conversion rate.

Also, 7% fewer trucks (-450) are traveling Port Authority crossings during the morning peak, while 4% more (+270) are traveling during the overnight hours of midnight to 6am. The shift out of the afternoon peak hours, at 50 trucks, is less significant. An automated system checks vehicles entering the charging zone against a database of motorists who have paid the fee. Flexible – easily accommodates occasional users and different vehicle types.

Does not apply to ‘inertial measurement equipment or systems’ that contain “spinning mass gyros” as the only type of gyro. Being “space-qualified” and providing angular rate measurements having an “angle random walk” along any axis of less than or equal to 0.1 degree per square root hour. Angular or rotational accelerometers, specified to function at linear acceleration levels exceeding 100 g.

A fee that is higher under congested conditions than uncongested conditions, intended to shift some vehicle traffic to other routes, times and modes. Stacker cranes defined as Cartesian coordinate manipulator systems manufactured as an integral part of a vertical array of storage bins and designed to access the contents of those bins for storage or retrieval. Has “user-accessible programmability” by means of the teach/playback method or by means of an electronic computer which may be a programmable logic controller, i.e., without mechanical intervention. Does not apply to conventional steel helmets, neither modified or designed to accept, nor equipped with any type of accessory device. ‘Air Independent Propulsion’ allows a submerged submarine to operate its propulsion system, without access to atmospheric oxygen, for a longer time than the batteries would have otherwise allowed.

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Road Tolls

It comes with a single Torx T25 bolt, flexible mounting clamp, and a quarter-twist mount. Tony Dutzik, Benjamin Davis and Phineas Baxandall , Do Roads Pay for Themselves? Setting the Record Straight on Transportation Funding, PIRG Education Fund (); at /reports/usf/do-roads-pay-themselves.

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“Software” designed or modified for cameras incorporating “focal plane arrays” specified by 1-6.A.2.a.3.f. And designed or modified to remove a frame rate restriction and allow the camera to exceed the frame rate specified in 1-6.A.3.b.4. “Software” specially designed for the “development” or “production” of equipment specified by 1-6.A.4., 1-6.A.5., 1-6.A.8. Or 1-6.B.8.

‘Wall-plug efficiency’ is defined as the ratio of “laser” output power (or “average output power”) to total electrical input power required to operate the “laser”, including the power supply/conditioning and thermal conditioning/heat exchanger. 1-6.A.1.b. Does not apply to equipment specially designed for installation on surface vessels. 1-4.D.4.“Software” specially designed or modified for the generation, command and control, or delivery of “intrusion software”. 1-3.B.1.e. Does not apply to automatic robotic wafer handling systems specially designed for parallel wafer processing.

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