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accounting consultant for startap

Kruze is a leader in R&D tax credits and other tax incentives for VC-backed startups. Our clients are receiving close to $25 million per year in tax credits (cash from the IRS!), and hundreds of funded startups trust Kruze to deliver the right advice, at a reasonable price. Here’s why startups trust us with financial and accounting consulting.

The interim manager can thus take into account the specifics of the company. However, his or her experience out of prior missions allows him or her to bring in an external view on the company’s accounting systems and find potential improvements. As soon as a new employee is found, he or she is trained by the interim accountant. Startups in the first few years often have only one person responsible for accounting, which is fine as at that point money is usually a very limited resource.

We can offer Accounting, Finance, Taxes, & Payroll in Packaged Solutions

If there is no material cleanup, most clients are materially through onboarding and will have their first deliverable from airCFO within 30 days from our onboarding call. Our team will have regular defined duties (e.g. weekly, monthly or annually) and you will also be able to scale up our hours as needed for any projects that come up during the year. We work with clients on an ongoing basis and act as an extension of your team. The Grant Accounting accounting consulting and Nonprofit Division is a Team of specialized Accountants working with Mission Driven Entities that seek to improve the world around them. These entities need our services to assist them with Grant and Nonprofit Accounting, as well as emerging issues related to Clean Technology. Ensuring you are fully covered in the event of a costly misfortune will make sure that you don’t end up taking a hit to your business that you can’t recover from.

  • People have difficulty creating and following their own personal budget.
  • We’ve worked with hundreds of high-growth companies over 8 years, acting as their back-office function until they are ready to hire an in-house team.
  • He can help choose the best option that matches your situation.
  • We offer comprehensive outsourced startup accounting services.
  • Having an accounting consultant can help by letting the consultant focus on business part while you focus on the core activities of your business.

As a registered CPA firm 100% focused on serving funded startups, we provide the advice our CEOs need. Ongoing people advisory and support for growth-focused start-ups who want to establish a solid people foundation and strategy from the start. An ideal client has a budget of at least $1000/mo and is willing to invest more in the finance function as the company scales. We’ve worked with hundreds of high-growth companies over 8 years, acting as their back-office function until they are ready to hire an in-house team. Building a successful, profitable and sustainable business takes vision, discipline and consistent follow through. An Accountant is an excellent strategic partner in providing advice on everything from getting a loan to business succession planning.

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Burkland develops and executes a monthly checklist to ensure that financial records and tax reporting are accurate. Burkland implements the online connections to automatically import Credit Card or ACH payment information into accounting software. This improves scalability and can also be an excellent fraud control. This means not only in terms of how long they have been a practicing accountant, but also the volume of their work and how close it comes to your business. An accountant should also be able to tell you the secret to their success. What key performance indicators do they instruct their clients to watch out for?

accounting consultant for startap

But if you’re trying to build a successful, well-managed company, it’s important to have a basic understanding of finance. As you go from coding a prototype to hiring people, gaining traction in the market to pitching investors, what you need to know—and the services and experts you should rely on—will change. Certified Public Accountants are masters in their specific way, handling all the record-keeping and assuming the duties of filing tax documents. As your business grows in complexity and you start thinking about attracting venture capital, staying on top of your finances will take more effort and more help. You’ll have to be on top of critical business metrics, such as the cost of customer acquisition, the lifetime value of a customer and your break-even point. We also are tax experts – which may seem odd, as startups lose money, so why do they worry about taxes?

Tips on surviving an economic downturn from a serial founder

Because of this difference, the administration and financing strategies of startups and small businesses are very different. Sign up below to receive our free eBook on accounting, finance, and tax topics that every startup needs to be aware of to help avoid surprises and headaches down the road. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers.

That longevity was in Woock’s mind when he hired his former colleague as head of finance. “It was important to have someone I trusted, that would provide some continuity,” Woock says. That trusted colleague remains at Pinger, where he is now CFO. As you pick a finance professional to work with, expertise and trust are paramount. You can see that a big part of your finance person’s job will be to teach you all these variables.


The average hourly cost of an accountant ranges between $150 to $400, though you are likely to pay significantly less per position if you employ a full-service financial team. Our practice is built on best of breed cloud accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite, Gusto, Zenefits, Expensify, Avalara, Brex iand Technology makes us more efficient, saving our clients money and letting us offer higher value services like FP&A modeling, 409A valuation and venture debt consulting. Don Muir of Arc discusses how Arc has used technology to provide banking to startups, adding savings, checking, cash management, and brokerage services. I had an excellent experience working with the team at Kruze – from seed funding through acquisition of my company. They are timely, professional, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things startup finance.

What is an accounting consultant?

Accounting consultants help with a number of tasks related to accounting services: financial forecasting. analyzing financial statements. determining the profitability of your business. analyzing accounts payable to see where your business might be able to save money.

While you may find accounting or ERP software that manages this for you, you’ll still want the eye of an accountant to confirm that you are always in compliance. Your accountant will know where to find information about the relevant jurisdictions you operate in and keep your system always accurate. If you can find an accountant certified in multiple jurisdictions, even better.

How Interim Accounting can save your startup

While your accountant may not be able to integrate your software for you, they can likely recommend an ERP consultant who can. With the help of advanced financial modeling tools, your accountant can determine where your profit centers are and relieve financial pressure points in your budget. With an organization as fast-moving as a startup, it’s important to plan for all contingencies, and your accountant should help you do that. By the end of this post, you’ll better understand what a startup accountant should do, so when the time comes to hire one, you’ll know all the right questions to ask. A smart accounting hire can save your business in the long term while providing immediate benefits from day one. For many start-ups, the monthly, weekly, and even daily needs of bookkeeping and financial monitoring necessitate a regular accountant—full-time or fractional.

  • You want to do what is in your best interest given your specific circumstances at the time.
  • Please note, our expertise is not focused on LLCs or bootstrapped companies.
  • Astute has helped us at various points in our growth and are in true sense our outsourced CFO firm.
  • Startup Tandem is a group of entrepreneurs, like minded with one common goal – to provide valuable services at an adequate price.

Mighty Startup is a management consulting firm providing financial guidance, strategic planning, and tactical support to early stage startups and small businesses. At CFO Hub, we are committed to bringing you unparalleled accounting services and guidance with a suite of features, all provided by a team of licensed accountants. Optimized financial compliance, business planning, and back-office support are just the beginning.

A Leader in Cloud Accounting Software

Hiring an accountant is the only surefire way to ensure balanced books, financial compliance, and so much more. Find out why hundreds of funded startups trust Kruze’s finance, tax and accounting advice. This tool can help founders estimate reasonable pay based on the amount of capital that they’ve raised, the stage of their business and their company’s industry. Even unprofitable startups can get up to $500,000 back for their payroll taxes with the R&D tax credit – estimate your startups tax credit now.

accounting consultant for startap

However, a CPA or Certified Public Accountant is someone who has earned a professional designation through the combination of education, licensing, and years of experience. Outsourcing your accounting work allows you to pay for only the services you need when you require them. This is a huge advantage in growing your business because your needs will change based on where your business is in its lifecycle. The adage “Cash is King” could not be more appropriate in the starting stage of your business. You must know how much cash you will need to reach profitability.

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